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Devon Allman

Photo by

Michael Yanko

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Photos by Rina Marie

Gregg Allman at the Wanee Festival 2013 by Rina Marie

Join us on Sundays for some great blues at Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian, Florida

Artimus Pyle

Photo by

Michael Yanko

Paul Rodgers on the Rock Legends cruise 2

Photo by Rina Marie Braley-Yanko

Photo by Michael Yanko

Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band

Photo by Michael Yanko

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Photo by Rina Marie

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Photos by Rina Marie and Michael Yanko

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Photo by Brian Evans

During their 2013 tour Bad Company did 14 shows with Lynyrd Skynyrd as co-headliners. We were blessed to shoot many of these shows including the grand finale last show. As an encore both bands came out and did a song and Brian captured this exclusive photos of Johnny Van Zant (Skynyrd) and Paul Rodgers (Bad Co.) singing together. you can see more great photos from this tour at


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Gig Michaels of Swamp Da Wamp

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APRIL 2015

The Royal Southern Brotherhood crowd Thursday night at Wanee 2015

We Did Something Really Crazy!

By Michael Yanko

Rock Legends Photographers

4-16-15 we were sitting at the computer working and at 2:20 PM Rina Marie said “We have to go to Wanee and shoot Royal Southern Brotherhood in case nobody else is there to shoot it”. It is a 235 mile trip and they were scheduled to come on at 5:30. We did a super-fast get ready and go and were on the road at 2:40 armed with all our camera gear.

What made it real crazy is that we did not have confirmation that we were on the guest list or had photo passes.

When we arrived at the VIP/press pass window at 6PM we were not on the list. I won’t go into detail and give away our trade secrets but I will say that we did get 2 admissions, parked in the very closest spot to the stage, got backstage, got the OK to shoot the entire show, and hung out with our friends in the band for an hour after the show before hitting the road for the 3 plus hour drive home.

The RSB show as excellent… actually it was beyond that and well worth the drive! There were probably 50-60,000 fans all packed together enjoying the show and spectacular lighting effects.

Know what’s even crazier?

We did the same thing last year, but just not in the same rushed situation. We drove to Wanee, shot RSB and a couple other bands, then drove to Sarasota to stay with friends for the Tampa Bay Blues Festival that same weekend. If you’ve never been to Wanee, put it on your bucket list. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to the original Woodstock in modern times!

You can see professional photos from this show and many other Royal Southern Brotherhood shows by clicking


Royal Southern Brotherhood Facebook

Royal Southern Brotherhood Facebook Group page

Royal Southern Brotherhood website

Devon Allman Doin' It Right!!!

Devon Allman Got Engaged in Front of 50-60,000 People!

By Michael Yanko

Rock Legends Photographers

4-16-15 Towards the end of the Royal Southern Brotherhood’s set at the Wanee Festival last Thursday night Devon asked his girlfriend Val to come out on the stage and dance with him. As she came out on the stage he sneakily reached into his gig bag and came out with a beautiful diamond ring, dropped to one knee, and with a sheepish look on his face asked her to marry him. She said yes!!! Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Devon Allman!

Devon Allman Facebook page

Devon Allman website

Samatha Fish and Tab Benoit at the Henegar Center in Melbourne, Florida

Tab Benoit with Samantha Fish Henegar Center for the Arts

Melbourne, Florida 4/12/15

by Michelle Wilson

I’m always delighted to take in a concert at the Henegar Center in downtown Melbourne, Florida. Boasting an intimate setting and solid acoustics, it was the perfect venue for Brevard Music Group’s presentation of Tab Benoit and Samantha Fish. The mixture of Fish’s bluesy, country-twinged rock with Benoit’s Bayou-soaked blues was everything it promised to be, and the nearly sold-out house was treated to an evening of high-energy, entertaining performances.

Kicking off a one-hour set with “Runaway” from her 2011 Ruf Records release of the same name, Fish took the stage promptly at 6pm backed by bassist Scot Sutherland and drummer Go-Go Ray. Despite being only in her twenties, the Kansas City native exudes the poise, grace and skill of a seasoned pro, and it is a joy to hear her sing while playing acoustic and electric guitar as well as oil-can slide. Showcasing her latest release from 2013, the Ruf Records/Mike Zito-produced Black Wind Howlin’ ,Fish kept the audience hooked with such cuts as “Foolin’ Me,” “Lay It Down,” “Money to Burn,” “Miles to Go,” “Sucker Born” and the closer, “Black Wind Howlin’.” Also thrown into the mix were beautiful solo acoustic covers of the Tom T. Hall classic “That’s How I Got to Memphis” and the old-time Charlie Patton-penned “Jim Lee Blues Part 1,” which will be included on her forthcoming release. Ever gracious and eager to meet old and new fans alike, Fish headed to the lobby during intermission to shake hands, sign autographs and pose for photos.

Thirty minutes later at precisely 7:30pm, the Cajun man himself, award-winning blues musician Tab Benoit and his Fender Telecaster Thinline took the stage supported by bassist Cory Duplechin and drummer Doug Belote. Born and raised in Houma, Louisiana, Benoit’s unique style of blues incorporates many different sounds that all add up to aural euphoria. One classic followed another including “Why Are People Like That,” “One Foot in the Bayou,” “I’m Guilty of Loving You,” “Nice and Warm,” “Whiskey Bayou” (during which he broke a string but played on like the pro that he is – he breaks strings often – his comment: “I just broke a G string!”), “A Whole Lotta Soul,” “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It,” “I Got Loaded,” and “New Orleans Ladies.” His stage act is not just about the music either – Benoit got his start doing standup comedy, which gave him the confidence to begin a music career. Interspersed between songs are hilarious bits that only Benoit could deliver, and the crowd ate it up. My favorite one of the night came during an assessment of how bad the Grammys are today and how no one can sing: “Cher messed it up for everyone with autotune.” On the last four pieces of the night, “Medicine,” “Travelin’ South,” “Bayou Boogie” and the encore at 9:05pm, “Night Train,” Benoit was joined by Fish for a rousing close to an already stellar event. The musical chemistry was sheer perfection, and I was impressed that Benoit had Fish remain even for the encore.

I love a great double bill, and this one definitely left me looking forward to both of these artists coming back through the area soon. Benoit’s golden quote rings so true: “You don’t pick the blues genre to make money. You pick it ‘cause it picks you.” And did it ever!

Please check out the link to Voice of the Wetlands below, a nonprofit organization that Benoit founded in 2004 to raise awareness concerning the loss of the wetlands in Louisiana.

Samantha Fish at the Henegar Center for the Arts in Melbourne, Floerida

Samantha Fish Live at the Henegar Center in Melbourne, Florida 4-12-15

By Michal Yanko

Blues Festival Photography for

Rock Legends Photographers

Samantha Fish and her band opened the show for legendary blues Guitarist Tab Benoit at the Henegar Center for the Arts in Melbourne, Florida on Sunday April 12th.

We have been BIG Samantha Fish fans since the 1st time we saw her a little over a year ago. When I describe her to someone that has never seen her I describe her as the beautiful girl next door meets Stevie Ray Vaughan. We became friends with her and her band mates that 1st day after spending a few hours together and doing an awesome video interview.

Her guitar playing is extraordinary for any age and is phenomenal for her young age. Supported by professional drummer Go Go Ray and award winning bassist Scot Sutherland, this trio makes sensational contemporary blues music.

Although many of the guests in attendance probably did not know who she is, their exuberant applause let Samantha and band know that they were greatly appreciated. Her style of guitar driven blues is sure to please every blues enthusiast whether she is playing her custom Delaney electric, a classical, oil can, or cigar box guitar. Be sure and see her when her tour comes anywhere near you. Trust us, she’s worth the drive!

Interview with Samantha Fish and "War Pigs" live

Interview with Go Go Ray

Interview with Scot Sutherland

Samantha Fish Facebook Fan Page

Samantha Fish website

Tab Benoit at the Hennegar Center in Melbourne, Florida

Tab Benoit Live at the Henegar Center in Melbourne, Florida 4-12-15

By Michal Yanko

Blues Festival Photography for

Rock Legends Photographers

Tab Benoit was the guy that the fans came to see. His unique Cajon style blues guitar and vocals along with his movie star appearance make him a crowd favorite.

Tab does not use any special effects at all with his guitar work and some of the things he has taught himself to do with his guitar is nothing short of amazing. He put on a fabulous show at the Hennegar Center and Samantha Fish joined him to jam on the last 4 songs including the encore! Seeing the 2 of them jamming together was incredible.

We 1st saw Tab at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival in 2013 and were immediately impressed. There were 15 bands at that festival and we walked away with a new favorite. We’ve seen Tab perform several times since then. I use the term perform rather than just play because when you see tab Benoit, you are getting comedy, great life stories, and great music at the same time!

This time we actually got to spend some quality time with him after the show. In about an hour we learned so much about Tab Benoit the man that we left feeling like we had lived next door to him for 20 years! One of the many things we enjoy in dealing with blues artists is that they are so genuine, accommodating, and everything comes from the heart. Tab exemplifies that fact.

I feel like I could write an entire book from our 1 hour conversation but here’s a quick summary:

-his mom has Thoroughbred horses

-Tab had a restaurant that he really loved, but even though it was not damaged in hurricane Katrina, the after effects in the area caused it to be closed down.

-his favorite night at the restaurant was Karaoke for the kids

-he did stand-up comedy before his music career.

-his 1st time on stage he fell down on the way out of the backstage curtain. Everybody laughed so he went with it and the crowd loved him

-he is very dedicated to saving the wetlands in Louisiana

-he would rather play in a place where everyone enjoyed his music than make a lot of money -his camp is his favorite place to play music

-he loves the old time blues with just a man and his guitar

-his dialogue with the fans is never planned, he goes with the flow

-he played golf with Samantha Fish’s dad when she was young

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with Tab and left feeling that not only is on our top guitar player list, he’s also on our list of great people!

Tab Benoit Facebook Page

Tab Benoit Facebook Fan Page

Tab Benoit website

Exclusive interview with Tab Benoit at the Henegar Center in Melbourne, Florida

You can see all the great photos from this performance and many others by Tab Benoit by clicking


Earl's Hideaway and Tiki Bar in Sebastian, Florida

Earl’s Hideaway in Sebastian, Florida

By Michael Yanko

Blues Festival Photography for

Rock Legends Photographers

Earl’s Hideaway has become our favorite venue to see live music in Florida.

Located on the River just south of the Sebastian Inlet, Earl’s is world famous for outstanding blues performances on Sunday afternoons. On any given Sunday you will find hundreds of motorcycles and cars parked and up to 1,000 people in attendance to see the bands that Franni Southern has brought in for their entertainment.

Earl’s offers everything up close and personal in front of stage viewing to laid back hang and chat with your friends areas. This is an outside venue with a large Tiki bar, covered stage, outdoor food service, and an indoor bar/restaurant with outstanding food.

The sound system is always excellent and run by qualified technicians. Shirts and CDs are available from Fancy Nancy and artists usually stay and sign autographs and mingle with the crowd.

We’ve seen many great blues bands at Earl’s as well as some great rock and roll bands like; Molly Hatchet, the Jimmie Van Zant Band, Rock Legends, Preacher Stone, and the Randy Skirvin Band to name a few. There are local bands performing on other nights. The people at Earl’s are always fun and friendly… it’s a great place to hang out and hear some great live music!

See lots of great photos taken at earl's by following the links on


Visit Earl's website


Exlusive interview with Zohra Van Zant and Live songs from the Jimmie Van Zant Band at Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian, Florida

Exclusive interview with Mike Estes and Jay Johnson from Skinny Molly 3-14-15

Photo by Rina Marie Braley-Yanko

Devon Allman, overheated on a stage with no cover takes a moment backstage to pour water over his head

This article has been published in a few other magazines. It is too good not to include it in our own :D

On the Road Again, a Story About Musicians from a Concert Photographers View

a story about musicians from a concert photographer’s view 

by Rina Marie Braley-Yanko

Rock Legends Photographers

Disclaimer- this story is not about any one artists, but it is probably true of most~

Every time I start to charge camera batteries and gather my gear to shoot a concert this song plays in my head. Sometimes I will sing it out loud, sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes I have to put it on my check list.

Once I grab my camera bag the weight of the gear reminds me of the words written and sung by a great musician and artist. The artist I’m about to shoot may be living this song’s words. He may be missing a lover, numb from the amplifiers still ringing in his ears from the night before, or lack of sleep from nothing familiar for days except airport terminals or the smell of the diesel coming from the tour bus.

“Here I am On the road again

There I am Up on the stage

There I go Playin’ the star again

There I go Turn the page”

I have to be prepared that I might be photographing you on what may be your ‘Turn the Page” day. If it is, you will still greet me and the fans with an exuberant smile, allowing me to capture a few photos as you stop and shake hands just as you get off the bus. You will politely say no, you don’t have a sharpie to sign a cocktail napkin as you notice off to the side the your merchandise table sits with memorabilia to be sold and signed. You also notice that the person responsible for your pay to perform is nowhere to be found.

You keep smiling as you are lead to a six foot table with no chairs for an unorganized meet ‘n’ greet where folks pass right by your merchandise table full of shirts, 8×10 glossy’s and CD’s, but have the nerve to ask if you they can get a picture with you. They hand their cell phone to their friend that does not know how to work the picture process of that phone, so you wait while the line is getting longer. Finally a click, and there goes another blurry photo that will spread all over social media not capturing your best features. In the corner of your eye you see all kinds of food and beverages that you desperately need for fuel, but won’t get a chance to get until it’s probably too late… and you wonder , how did all these folks get back stage passes?

As a photographer that is supposed to photograph you with the fans during the meet and greets to promote the band and venue it is really difficult knowing that the page has turned for you. It’s hard to capture your genuine smile with your best features when they are covered with sweat in the shade and you are about to go on a stage with hot spotlights making the heat index 110 degrees… just like you did the day before in another town. You do it, giving it all your best. Your best is what the fans get at a live show because you won’t let them see the exhaustion, but I do! I just patiently wait for that second wind, which is your passion that kicks in when all the attention is on you during your guitar jam, drum solo, or building your strength to get out that last high note. I saw one drummer rip off his shirt and pour a bottle of water over himself which was very sexy, and the fans were going nuts. What they didn’t know was that he had heat exhaustion and had to stop himself from throwing up. I was at another show where the performer was doing a duo with the lead guitar and sax and again the fans were going nuts, but the sax motioned for the guitar to take over as he went behind the stage to throw up from the heat. The Fans never notice, but I do. I keep my camera down or focus on the lead jam and the crowd response with their hands in the air having the time of their life at your concert.

On the road again. End of part 1 Stay tuned for part 2

Exclusive interview with Michael Allman 3-14-15


Exclusive interview with Preacher Stone 2-1-15

Exclusive interview with Kirk McKim of the Pat Travers Band 12-11-14

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